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daniel somlai

Business Coach

about me

I am Daniel Somlai, consultant and ICF certified business coach. I live a happy and balanced family life with my wife and our two young children. They mean the safe background for me.


My professional life is diverse with various topics which are sources of joy for me. As a management consultant I improve company processes and organisations to make them more efficient. As a trainer, I support teams to cooperate more effectively and I support individuals in developing their personal skills, for example in communicating successfully. As a business coach, I assist my clients to become thriving leaders to find the best in themselves.


I have already come a long way on my self-discovery journey and a part of that have been participating in coaching sessions, trainings, psychotherapy and mindfulness course. Continuous self-improvement and self-awareness are important for me. Sports activities and mindfulness meditations are parts of my daily routine. Cycling in the city gives me a feeling of freedom, an adrenalin boost and recharges me at the same time.


I was 8 years old when I moved abroad for the first time: at that occasion to my grandparents in Western Germany for one and a half years. As an adult, I spent further 3 years abroad in Germany and in the Netherlands where I learned German and Dutch. Besides business trips, I also travelled extensively as a backpacker around the globe. These experiences made me more open and aware.


I have been cooking passionately for 15 years, especially vegetarian, Asian dishes. In Chefparade cooking school I lead various Indian cooking classes on 1 or 2 occasions per month.

professional background

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I gained my Masters degree in 2005 in Management and Organisation at the Corvinus University of Budapest. I worked as a management consultant first with Deloitte and then with PwC in total for 7 years, in Hungary and in the Netherlands. During those years I learned a lot about quality of work, project management, business development, client situations and succeeding in an international business environment. Later, in the Sales Support team of NN Insurance Hungary, I managed sales and HR development projects. In the HR team of NN I lead a team responsible for recruiting new talents. In those 4 years I progressed most as a leader, people manager and gained experience about corporate organisation and politics.


Since 2017, I have been working as a freelance coach, trainer and consultant, in strategic partnership with organisations that share my values, including DLM Consulting, Y2Y and Chefparade.


I completed an ICF licensed coach training program and a team coach, trainer, facilitator program, both at Legacy Ltd. in Budapest. I hold the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) grade by the International Coach Federation.


I have assisted as a coach the personal growth of leaders and talents working for multinational corporations, start-ups and small and medium enterprises. As a coach at SEED Business School I coach participants of leadership and MBA programs. 

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How I work

how i work

Somlai Daniel_ICF_Business
  • I communicate honestly and openly with empathy and without playing games.

  • I keep my client in conscious responsibility in order he/she takes the decisions themselves during the coaching process.

  • I firmly believe in setting clear and measurable goals both for each coaching session and for the entire coaching process. Similarly, I find it very important to stick to the monitoring of meeting the goals.

  • I not only coach the issue itself brought up by the client, but I also coach the person.

  • I apply both highly supportive and highly challenging coaching interventions.

  • In case I believe that it serves the coaching process, I like to share my feelings, instincts regarding what happens between us (e.g. „what I heard from you makes me feel tense / fearful”; „ I am peaceful”; „You inspired me” etc.). Some of your colleagues might probably experience similar feelings with you, but they might not give you direct feedback on it. I do.

  • I regard the coach competencies defined by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a quality standard and I develop myself along these skills.

  • I respect the ICF Code of Ethics as compulsory and I stick to it.

  • Typically, I hold the 60-90 minutes long coaching sessions every 2 weeks.


You can find further information on how I work under FAQ.

My mission as a coach is to create a trustful relationship with my clients that enables them to be honest to themselves and to better understand their motivations and themselves. My goal is that our cooperation leads to them being more successful, fulfilled and happier.

COACH mission

what you can expect from yourself 

while working with me

You derive to new findings about yourself and you also examine how these impact your environment.

double-arrow-bifurcation-to-both-sides (

After investigating the underlying drivers, you can get into a position where you can take decision on issues on which you could not make up your mind earlier.

The complicated and intricate become clear and simple and those aspects emerge which really matter to you.

You can experiment with novel forms of communication and behaviour. Those which work well for you, you can embed into the daily routine.

Client testionals
Barbara Baráth
CEO, Greenfox Academy

During each of our coaching sessions I received help or inspiration that supported me in resolving the specific challenge we worked on. Due to Daniel’s business background and earlier experiences we easily found a common language.

CSABA Váradi
manager, ROCHE SSC

As part of my development plan for this year I met with a brilliant coach, Dániel. I wanted to progress in my career and I felt that there are some blocking points to achieve this goal. During our coaching process Dániel help me to come over those points, while he used powerful questions, and had amazing insights. Thanks to these sessions when the time came, I was ready to convince the “jury” I am ready for the next step.

Dániel is a world class coaching professional. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to feel more confident in themselves, and also wants to create a strong, yet inviting, presence in their work.

dóra Haraszti-horváth
Agile coach

Daniel catches those moments when something changes in me. He stops me and supports me in gaining the most learning and value from these situations.

client testimonials

Ivana Juric
Director of Management & Services Controlling
INA Oil Company

After each session with Daniel, I felt I could do anything I wanted.

I became more self-conscious and in a short period of time managed to improve and change things, for which I was sure were not possible.

Daniel, thank you for that.

I highly recommend him to those who want to GROW.

Kabai Sandor.jpg
Kabai sándor
partner, consultant
Microsegment Plc.

An organisation that is in transformation brings significant tension and stress, which I also experienced personally day-by-day.

The main goal for in working with Dani was to rediscover my lost balance and motivation in work. To have a clearer view on my competencies and future personal development opportunities.

Dani's preparedness and his open, direct personality all contributed to make our discussions fun, almost like a friend talking to a friend, focusing fully on the professional work. Knowing his past work experience I was especially happy that he also shared several useful practical tips, that I can use in my daily operation.

I happily recommend Dani to all those, who would like to develop with the help of an experienced and credible coach.


Tel: +36 30 529 6669


Thank you for sending a message!

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